Feel it with your five senses,
connect your heart through art
~ Communication Arts ~

AKARI Nijojo


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Through arts,
A light that snuggles up with travelers  -AKARI-

Through arts,A light that snuggles up with travelers  -AKARI-

Under the theme of "What is Kyoto in the future?",
We provide a special and unique space in the world through using the hotel as canvass.
While enjoying artworks in a comfortable private space,Please spend an extraordinary time composed of "cité" and "art".

A hotel that live with art

"AKARI Nijo Castle" is an hotel which a total of 20 artists use the entire hotel as a canvas.
It is also a "communication art" hotel that expresses the question of "What is Kyoto in the future?"
All guest rooms are fully equipped with furnitures and a kitchenette.
You can cook your meal and have a relaxing time with your family and friends.

  • furniture
  • home appliance
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • barrier-free